Karmoxie exists to partner with you to improve your business through the use of best practices in Web Design and Mobile App Development.

At times, technology choices and strategies can be daunting.

Our motivation is to work with you to develop the right solutions which help your organization to meet its goals.

We provide contract services as well as training in the following areas:

Web Design and Mobile App Development

Web Design and Mobile App Development Services

  • Web Design – We create responsive, SEO Optimized, beautiful designs that let your passion and expertise show through.
    We use proven methods to ensure sites are accessible and responsive on a variety of screen sizes. We want you, and your users to have positive experiences.
  • Web Development – We are experienced in coding custom solutions to meet your needs. We can hook your website into inventory management systems, eCommerce systems, and provide for easy management of your business data such as orders,  customers and contacts.  We can help to identify and meet requirements that focus on your business needs to make you more efficient and productive.
  • Web Hosting – Web hosting starts at $10/month, $100/year. Pay only for what you need (included the first year with new web design projects). Solid, dependable hosting which can include use of load-balanced servers and content delivery network (CDN) for fast loading of sites.
  • Mobile App Development for Android & iPhone/iPad – We create apps for our clients and also teach corporations how to develop Android and iOS apps. Make your dream a reality.
  • Business Analysis – We help you to move forward with the right projects.  We meet with you to determine the best path forward to create solutions to take advantage of business opportunities.
  • Project Management – We can assist or manage your technical software projects.  We have experience in rescuing failing projects and ensure successful projects that finish on time, for the right budget.