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Improve Search Skills

Improve Search Skills

Improve Search Skills

With billions of results, and countless combinations of search terms, it can be tricky to efficiently and quickly find what you are looking for on the internet. Whether you are trying to find a delicious recipe, check your math homework, or find a specific tax document, there are many ways that  improve search skills today with Google Search!

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Best of the Web

Logo of Best of the Web, and online directory submission


So, what is BOTW?

It is a web directory that you can submit your site to, for a cost.

Now this is not a service that people generally browse through in order to find your page. Nor is any other directory. So why might you consider it?

It can boost your page rank.  It is a human-edited directory – this fact makes it a better source than other proclaimed paid for links by the likes of Google.

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