Technology Healing

I started Karmoxie as a business to help people with technology.

We help companies understand what is possible and most strategic for their websites, mobile applications and online marketing. That way business owners can focus on their business, and not get lost in the myriad of choices that exist.

Recently, someone referred to me as a “technology healer”.

That was pretty interesting.  We do help heal people’s technology pains and fears go away – and make it easier to maintain their own website content and communicate to their existing and potential customers with email marketing and social media.

I never liked picking a title and I wear many hats along with my team to help make our clients jobs and lives easier, and to help you achieve success.

So the new acronym after my name will be CTH.

What technology pains are you dealing with today that we can help you with?

Founder and Chief Technology Healer,

Judy Lipinski