Technology Training that Works

Karmoxie develops and delivers technology training that works. Courses include programming for web & mobile training, technology usage in business, project management training,  email marketing & social media training.





Have you ever paid money to attend training only to leave not knowing how to take action, or where to begin when you returned to your desk?  Our philosophy is that everyone should be “DeskReady” after training. You should feel equipped to move forward and be productive, not just full of theories.

Hands-on experience is essential.   Other training courses may have hands-on experience, but it sometimes comes down to fill in the blank exercises leaving students confused about the big picture.  We give step-by-step instructions in exercises, but then go a step further, by coaching students as they complete projects from scratch.  Students will face the blank screen just as they would need to in the “real-world” – but during class they have a personal coach to help along the way.

Our students leave class much more confident, and more productive.  We care about quality and that shows in our courses. Materials are kept up to date, and so are you. By participating in our classes, you will have periodic updates on best-practices and access to videos and tutorials as our courses are continuously adapted to match changing technologies and proven techniques.

Through lecture, quality materials and practical examples, students should be able to return to their desks with skills, confidence, and the ability to apply Best Practices.

Our Desk Ready™ Training includes:

A variety of options exist and we work with clients to customize materials, including combining of topics – depending on needs of students.

  • 1-2 hour  lunch and learns
  • Webinars
  • Multiple day sessions
  • Multiple week programs
  • Leasing of Course Materials

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