We want you to succeed

And sometimes that takes some “technical healing”.
(read more about technology healing from owner, Judy Lipinski)

Over 60% of IT projects fail, by being late, over budget or not meeting requirements.

Many times, this can come down to just not having the information needed to make the best decisions. Whether it is web designs, social media campaigns, mobile application, database choices, or moving to the cloud, we make sure you are equipped for success.

With both small business websites, or large scale enterprise systems, Karmoxie applies the same level of care, leveraging both business and technology expertise to ensure successful project completion. We offer contract development services and personalized training to help your company with technology.

We believe in Karma.

We believe in helping and sharing knowledge with others and only providing the best service to clients. We then learned Karma also means:

Karma – “taking action for improvement”

That’s exactly what you get when you work with us. The first step is yours, we are passionate about helping you reach success.

We have Moxie. We want you to too.

Technology changes at unbelievably fast rates. Are you ready to take advantage of it?

Moxie – “adventurousness for life”

You need a partner with the passion, drive and determination to stay on top of changes and keep you informed.