Web Design

You have 3 seconds to make an impression…otherwise, visitors will hit their back button. Admit it, you’ve done it yourself.

Well, you are here now, let us help you get the same staying power with our eye-catching designs.

It’s not just about looks…we are strict in our usage of proven best practices in creating sites that are easy to navigate, that work on a variety of browsers and devices. (think iPad, Android phones, iPhones, etc.)

Im sure that you know someone who “does websites”. In fact, writing the code to have content appear on the screen is really not that difficult. If you think so, we provide training that might change your mind!

What separates Karmoxie from well-meaning newbies, is years of experience and passion for understanding and keeping up with what works and what doesn’t work. (That Moxie we like to talk about)

Yes, you need a website
A big question these days is, do I even need a website anymore? It is true, you can leverage social media, such as Facebook, but rarely is there an exception to the rule. To be in business today, you need a website.

Establish Your Brand Online
Karmoxie works with you to understand what separates you from your competition, and build desire and motivation for people to do business with you.

Once the site is designed, there is more work to be done. Make sure traffic reaches your site, and that you have a way to be able to contact them through a subscription list.

Regardless of the route you take – we wish you well.

What Karmoxie offers:
* Engaging Web Designs that make your company stand out
* Sites that allow content to be easily found (Good SEO)
* eCommerce Systems
* WordPress Content Management Systems
* Intuitive User Interfaces that make it easy to conduct business
* We help you meet the standards – your site will look great everywhere
* Email Newsletters

Web Design: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Ajax,  MySQL, PHP, WordPress