Web Hosting

We offer web hosting to meet the various needs of our clients.

Whether your hosting is for a website, a web application, or to be a place to hold the data and processes for your mobile application, we can hep you to find the right hosting options and to manage your hosting.

When web hosting is part of a web design package, hosting is free for one year, and includes email addresses and setting up Google Apps for Business.

If you are currently with another host, we can help you with this transition.

ENTRY LEVEL HOSTING: $10/month or $100/year on a shared server

Reduced cost hosting due to being on a shared server with other companies.

  • Support from Karmoxie. Basic questions and response to issues is covered
  • Unlimited space, Unlimited bandwidth per month
  • Hosting on dependable Linux Servers
  • WordPress ready, Cpanel controls
  • PHP and MySQL available
  • 99.9% Uptime

Virtual Private Servers: Starting at $50/month, depending on your needs

At times you want to have the protection of being separated from others and not on a shared hosting plan. That way, if another company goes “rogue” you will not be affected. else does something to cause an issue with the server, you will not be affected as with shared hosting.

We work with different vendors to setup VPS for our clients.

Cloud Configurations

Clients with  concerns for load-balancing, failover, and guaranteed uptimes may want to consider cloud options. We have worked with various cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Rackspace,  and Google Cloud.

Contact us to discuss what options will be right for your needs.